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SunJack USB Flashlight Review

In this video, I review the SunJack USB Flashlight. SunJack, the maker of some of the best solar equipment on the market, sent me one of the USB Flashlights that they have recently come to market with to review. I was thoroughly impress with the build quality and the parts quality of the actual flashlight. It felt very sturdy and had a high attention to detail.

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The thought behind this product is to give you a flashlight to use with the USB power bank that you may have that did not come with a flashlight built in. Even, if it did come with an LED built in, this will give you a much high quality and brighter light to help you find your way.

Here are some of the specifications from the SunJack website:

· Bright 48 lumens

· Adjustable focus: simply pull and push the bulb

· Great for outdoor activities: hiking, camping, boating

· One year hassle free warranty

· Designed in California

Hopefully, you will find this interesting and will get one for yourself or family member to be able to sustain themselves during bad weather such as a snow storm, tornado, hurricane.

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