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Future, Faster: Unlock the Power of Web Components with Polymer (Google I/O ’17)

It took a few years and a couple of trips around the block, but Web Components have truly arrived: they’re natively supported in Chrome and Safari today, with other browsers joining the party soon. Polymer is still the most popular way to build your own Web Components. Polymer 2.0 has been updated to the final v1 Web Components specs, getting leaner, faster and more modular along the way – and offering a seamless upgrade path from Polymer 1. In this session, you will learn how Web Components and Polymer can help you build performant, maintainable web apps that unlock the full potential of the browser. You’ll also hear about the latest advancements in the Polymer library that are bringing Polymer development closer to native than ever before, like ES6 class-based syntax and a suite of tools.

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