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What to Consider Before Buying External Battery for Your iPhone

Few gadgets have taken the public more by storm than the iPhone. It’s a mobile phone, mp4 and mp3 player, web browser, camera and all-around neat doodad that most people want and can’t live without. Unfortunately, it suffers from a deadbeat battery that refuses to last longer than 8 hours at a time on a good day, so most users compromise utility (they shut off most of the neater applications which drain the battery faster) for longevity. An alternative, of course, is to get an external battery for your iPhone. The question is which one? What to consider before buying external battery for your iPhone? Let us elucidate.


There are lots of external batteries on the market, and many are quite well known and have been well received, so the choices make it harder to decide. What to consider before buying external battery pack for your iPhone is primarily its capacity to charge. More is better in this case. You want an external backup juice that can extend your iPhone’s battery life by as much as possible before having to recharge the external battery itself, especially if you travel a lot. Most of the popular iPhone batteries out there can do no more than charge one cycle, which is about 8 hours. The best external battery in the market in terms of capacity so far provides a bit more than 4 cycles of charge. That means you won’t have a problem going on a two-day camping trip or a transcontinental flight because you know you’ll be able to charge your iPhone throughout the trip and stay connected.


The next factor you should consider is size and weight. You don’t want to carry a bulky external battery that weighs a ton in your pocket or bag, and as much as possible you’ll want it to be easy to carry and use. A recent innovation in the external battery market is battery cases, designed like a holster in such a way that your iPhone fits snugly into it. The best types are the ones that are slim and elegant so it fits right in with your lifestyle.


Now, while your iPhone is the best thing in your purse or pocket, you probably bring other things when you go on a trip that you need to charge as well. This could be another phone like a Blackberry, game consoles like the Sony PSP or Nintendo Game, or an eBook reader like a Kindle. A good backup booster for your iPhone can charge other gadgets as well, although it may require the use of various adapters.


What to consider before buying battery extender pack for your iPhone finally is value for money. Many of the external batteries for iPhone out there can cost a bundle, so it would be a smart idea to shop around for the most reasonably priced brand. Of course, value for money doesn’t mean you should get inferior quality products, and you should do your research regarding the customer service of your external battery for iPhone. Zoom in on an extended battery juice pack provider that guarantees the quality of the product as well as has a proven track record in after-sales service.

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