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Will Windup Chargers Put an End to Present Chargers?

Consider that you are in an emergency and your cell phone’s battery is down and you could not find electricity nearby anywhere, then it is really a pathetic situation for you. But if you possess a wind up charger with you, you can handle the situation without any problem. Just five minutes of charging will make you to use the phone for twenty minutes.

It does not mean that it will replace the present chargers, but it helps in emergency. The main advantages of the wind up chargers are the power charge is not needed, LED light is attached with it, it is very convenient and reusable, it is very light weight and makes it convenient while traveling, more than everything, it is very safe to use. Recently we hear lots of accidents due to the improper handling of electric chargers, but this will not happen in this case.

It looks very small and handy so that you can carry in your glove box or in your handbag. Another advantage of it is it helps to charge IPods too. Along with the small portable design, built in torch is also available which helps to handle the charger even at night.

While talking about the generation of power to the charger, it uses the usual simple mechanism of the wind turbines. In the wind turbines, the power is generated using the direction of wind. The fan rotates and this creates the kinetic energy which produces rotational force which is converted into electrical energy using a pair of magnets. The same principle is applicable in this wind up chargers. Instead of wind and fan, the human arm does the work and the same rotational principle generates the power and this is used in the mobile phones.

This rotational energy is got from the kinetic energy from the arm and this is enough to produce approximately four to six volts which is needed for a mobile phone to charge enough. The revolution may be slow or fast. It is enough if you rotate two revolutions per second. It is even possible to talk while charging, since the charging process is a hand work and it will not disturb your talk, provided, you should have a blue tooth ear piece.

Similar to wind up chargers there are also solar phone chargers which also does not need electric power. More energy is generated in the sunny days. About sixty minutes of solar energy is enough to use the charge for more than three days. There is also facility to store the charge. The usual mechanism is when the photons fall in the charger, the electrons get activated and the solar energy is converted into electrical energy and this is used for the mobile phones. And there is also another option for the chargers for not using the electric power, the wind turbines could be straightly used for the production of power for the cell phones, but the thing is the production of power relies on the presence of wind.

The charger consists of a base unit and a hand crank. The hand crank is provided with a handle so that this is rotated to generate the energy. The energy liberation is dependent on the force of the revolution; the more you rotate forcefully, the more the energy is liberated.

The mechanism and the advantage of the wind up charger describes that it is not a replacement of normal electrical chargers, but in the case of emergency where the electrical chargers could not act, there it acts superior to the electrical chargers.

Source by Fredrick Joy