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Portable Solar Chargers – Keeping Small Devices Charged Up Anywhere

A versatile device, portable solar charger can make various small gadgets breathe again even when there’s no electricity. Why use it only when you are far from an electric socket? You can use it everyday and do your bit to the save the energy as well as the environment.

With other sources of energy getting expensive day by day, people are finally looking for ways to tap into solar power. By harnessing sunlight into energy, people are illuminating their homes as well as charging various battery operated devices. Unlike a few years back, this source of energy can now be exhausted without the heavy equipment. Thanks to the new portable solar charger, a variety of devices, from phones to portable DVD players. The key, however, is knowing the right wattage and charging time for the portable solar charger.

Unlike other resource such as fossil fuels, there’s no chances of running out of solar energy. As long as the sun comes up everyday, we will have enough solar energy to charge our devices, light bulbs, automobiles and more. In this respect, solar charger is so far one of the best inventions of all times. With new regular improvements on harnessing solar energy, we have a wide variety of solar systems which differ in shape, size and cost.

Portable solar charger, the innovative breakthrough, is an incredible device especially for travelers. Whether you are backpacking in the European countryside or relaxing on a Caribbean beach, you can have your hand held devices charged anywhere. Portable solar chargers are available in three most widely used forms:

• Tiny portable models that charge a wide variety of cell phones, iPod, portable DVD players, GPS devices and many other portable devices.

• Fold out models that are mainly used in automobiles and plugged into cigar lighters charging their batteries when not in use.

• Torchlight models that come with secondary means of charging, kinetic charging system.

Portable solar chargers often come with indicators that display when the battery is fully charged. If not, the average charge time can be counted by the ratio of the amp/hour rating. Some solar chargers come with a battery that gets charged by the solar power when not charging anything else. This lets the users charge their devices at night as well. Take note of the small devices that you use and how often you need to charge them. Afterward, choose a charger as per your requirements. The prices of portable chargers vary according to the features they come with. So, take an account of your budget as well while choosing the features.

Not just direct sunlight, some portable solar chargers can use indoors and outdoors lights as well. Made of strong material that comes with decreased heat-transmittance, these devices protect the batteries from overheating and harsh weather conditions. Some chargers come with the guarantee of not overcharging the devices. Protected with rugged outer shell, these chargers are optimum in durability and maintain the juice for a year.

These chargers are not merely about recharging the batteries but helping our dying planet as well. Any given day, these chargers are a great option as you don’t add to the CO2 in the environment, pollution and even the electricity bills. While shopping for a portable solar charger, ensure that the store is credible and offers good quality equipment. Check out the shipping options as some store provide free shipping.

Source by Heather Ryon