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Solar Panel Battery Charger For Traveling Type of People

Solar Panel Chargers for Travelers

Many travelers like to take their portable electronic devices with them, whether it is a cell phone, portable gaming systems, I-Pods or whatever. The problem is that many times there are no places available to recharge the internal batteries, and this can be a real problem if there is some kind of emergency. That is why a solar panel battery charger is so handy nowadays. However, there are many different solar and wind power energy solutions available, to keep these devices running and charged up no matter where your travels may take you.

One of the coolest gadgets on the market in recent years has got to be the K3 Wind and Solar Charger-Kenisis Charger. This is a very handy device that can be used to charge just about any 5 watt or less power consuming device. You can take this product just about anywhere. Not only does it have it’s own internal battery to charge up your electronics, it has a solar panel built right in, as well as a small wind turbine, tripling your charging power. This unit costs just $89.

Sunlinq makes a 12 watt solar panel that can be completely folded up into a compact size, yet can be used to charge and power many different things. It comes with the panel, and adapters for cigarette lighter sockets, as well as clips to hook directly to a 12 volt battery. This unit can charge the batteries for rechargeable lanterns, flashlights, and whatever else can be charged using the cigarette adapters. It weighs just under a pound, and it’s folded dimensions are 9″x5″x.7″, unfolded.7″x29″x18.” Sunlinq also makes 6.5, 12, and 25 watt panels as well. This unit sells for just under $155.

One of the cheapest products available is the Multi-function Solar Emergency Charger, at just $7.50. This small and compact solar charger uses a 1350mAH rechargeable polymer internal battery, and can charge PDAs, MP3 players, digital cameras, and many other small devices. It has a highly efficient panel conversion, more that 15% efficiency.

For people who travel to remote areas, or that spend a lot of time in places where there isn’t any external power sources, then the company Goal has products that will fit your needs as well. They supply some of the highest quality solar panels, power packs, lights and universal adapters that money can buy.

They even sell combination kits, that include their completely folding panels, and power packs in one convenient package. You can buy their Sherpa 120 which will supply 120 watt hours of power, replaces 70,000 AA batteries. It includes the power pack, Nomad 27 watt panel, the UA, and accessories for just $829.95.

If you are a person who is always out and about, you know how important it is to keep your electronics charged. Some systems can actually crash without some kind of charge. Products like cell phones, and GPS systems, while having a small back up supply to keep recorded information, will lose everything if allowed to completely drain. Buying any of these solar charging products or even another type of a solar battery charger can not only help keep all your information safe, but can actually save your life in an emergency.

Source by Jordan Eske