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How to Use Solar Battery Chargers

How to Use Solar Battery Chargers

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To generate electricity the sun can be used and is a excellent source of energy. When people think about solar power, they normally think of solar panels mounted on the roof of a home. While this is certainly the biggest application of this technology, solar battery chargers can also be used for more modest tasks and perform very well.

These solar chargers are simple to install and will operate for years without issues and can be used for a wide variety of applications. They often will be packaged in a kit with a solar panel, the conversion technology required, possibly a battery pack, and any wiring that is needed.

Solar chargers are commonly used for outdoor lighting. Lights on pathways and lights for illuminating signs are two types of uses for these kind of lights. These battery chargers are in fact all-in-one power supplies that use solar panels and batteries that will recharge during the daytime. This allows the batteries to run the lights during night time and the battery will be charged during daylight hours.

If you were to power these lights by standard means it would mean that you would need to have running power from some distance away and that would make the lighting quite a bit more expensive. Being able to use these solar chargers makes this lighting possible. In the case of the smaller lighting used by homeowners to light a path or driveway, the same benefits apply.

Another place where solar battery chargers are utilized is in remote monitoring equipment. There are many environmental and weather stations all around the world that utilize solar chargers to power their electrical equipment. These monitoring stations provide a lot of critical information to agencies of all kinds and need to have a reliable power source to operate. Solar chargers create that power for them and have been doing this for years.

A solar battery charger can also be used in other remote areas and provide the power for many of the buoys used for maritime navigation. To alert ships to their positions in many major waterways around the world these buoys are used and have a signal beacon lit on top of them during the night. Many of these have been upgraded to use a solar charger and now operate completely independently. The batteries can be charged all day long when the light isn’t needed and then the light can be used in the evenings when the solar panel can’t charge since the sun has set.

Another maritime use for a solar battery charger is aboard boats. Most boats have a compliment of electronic gear that needs to operate while they are at sea. This equipment may be entertainment and communications devices, sonar, or fish finders. There are complete kits available for putting in a system to charge up your boat’s battery or even run a bank of batteries that give power to all the equipment on the boat.

Solar battery charger use on RVs such as motor homes is another application of this technology that has increased dramatically. These are the perfect place to put the panels because they will be facing the sun all day long while the RV is travelling. This allows the panels to charge the batteries in the vehicle as well as provide power to the devices in the RV while driving.

You can even install an additional bank of batteries for use when you are parked in a remote area. This will let you use radios, stereos, and TVs without worrying about running your battery out.

There are many different applications for a solar battery charger and every day new uses are being found. It is the perfect solution for many requirements and provides a great way to charge a battery for free.

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