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Duracell DPP – 600HD Powerpack Review

duracell powerpack 600

A lot of times we are caught in situations where we can use an external power source. Especially for those of us who like to go camping quite often a external power source is almost a must have. The Duracell DPP-600HD Powerpack seems to be an excellent option for that purpose.

The Duracell powerpack comes with three grounded AC sockets and one DC socket like the one in your car. The power is supplied by a sealed non-spillable 28 amp/hour AGM battery that produces an output of 600W. You also get a radio with am/fm and a digital clock. Multiple outlets give you the flexibility and convenience to operate several appliances at once, while the 3-digit barragraph LED indicator dynamically monitors the Duracell Powerpack’s battery charge level. Internal circuitry ensures long inverter life by protecting against overload and over-temperature conditions. An alarm will also sound when the battery level drops too low and when there is over heating. This is good for people who are safety conscious.

The Duracell Powerpack is proving to be handy to those who have to work without an electric outlet. It is a good option for those who make use of tools or other accessories in out of the way places. A convenient back up in this situation is the Duracell Powerpack because it is completely portable. It is however not the lightest item to carry. It weighs in at just over 31 lbs,which is not ideal if you have to carry it very far,but if it is in the trunk or your vehicle even ladies wont have any trouble to carry it to the front of the car if they need to jump start it. The manufacturer says that it should have no problem to jump start most eight cylinder engines,which I think is quite impressive.

The Duracell Powerpack is a quality product overall and you will not regret if you choose to purchase it.

Source by Juan Wessels