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7.3 IDI with RD2-110 pump, modded governor and more boost?

In this truck, I have a rebuilt 7.3 IDI motor with a Banks Sidewinder(wastegated) turbo. R&D IDI Performance DB2-110 pump and Stage-1 injectors.

In September, this truck made 250RWHP in an earlier video. It was making 15 PSI boost absolute maximum, and usually a bit less than that.

Late September, I replaced the crossover pipe with one from R&D due to a big crack; I think I cracked it /after/ that run.

Today, I decided that this pump was governed too high; it would rev over 4500 RPM. So I decided to put a stock governor spring in it.

I opened the pump up and replaced the extremely strong aftermarket spring in the pump with a stock spring and a single washer as an extra spacer.

Put the pump back together, and found that it was idling at 1400RPM.
Adjusted the idle down to 800 using the idle screw; I moved it a good 1/4 inch.
Ended up playing with the timing just slightly too; due to it not feeling slightly advanced when I took it out for a test run.

I found out that this combination gave me a no-load governed speed of 35-3600 RPM; right in the stock range(so much for the spacer).

I then went for a full-speed highway run, and found this out.
It /feels/ a lot more powerful, more responsive and overall /better/. And I don’t understand why the governor spring(which should only affect max RPM) is doing this.